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During 12 years of migration experience, the staff of Q-fin GmbH could expand and consolidate their knowledge extensively, among other with the help of the Capital Markets Academy and Front University. In order to secure our performance quality of our consulting services, our projects are planned and managed according to […]

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Migration Customizing Support Training Certified strategies, consultants, standards and software More than 10 years of expertise in consulting of investment-, mortgage-, regional- and development banks Know-how of capital market processes and products, trading systems, project- and test management


In 2012, Q-fin developed a product for the non-European market. The African Business Information Bank had required a software solution which enables a web-based investigation and provision of company data and evaluations.


– Finding the most suitable person for your project – The application Q-profiler serves for project mediation. Experience profiles of employees may be entered individually in the editor-mode and displayed in the profile-mode. With the help of a search functionality, specific profession, IT and language knowledge can be chosen and […]