Q-bonds supports the applicant with the administration of bonds, funds, certificates, time deposits, structural products and real estates. The software is the best choice for pension providers, small and medium-sized investors, as well as fund managers and traders and meets the requirements of auditors, investment managers and BaFin. Apart from […]


Q-risk is an application to manage risks internally as well as externally. It is suitable for pension providers, small and medium-sized investors, as well as fund traders for the risk management department. In correlation with our portfolio management system Q-bonds, it forms a solid basis and simultaneously an active connection […]


Q-budget, as a professional cost administration programme, gives an optimal summary of all costs incurred on the basis of a target/actual presentation. The software is suitable for small- and medium-sized companies, service providers of all kinds and pension funds.


– Finding the most suitable person for your project – The application Q-profiler serves for project mediation. Experience profiles of employees may be entered individually in the editor-mode and displayed in the profile-mode. With the help of a search functionality, specific profession, IT and language knowledge can be chosen and […]


Q-xml is a tool which allows the user to configure documents, which are automatically generated by FRONT ARENA for Back office confirmations, fixing tips and market value reports. Q-xml provides different document formats. pdf-printer (with the feature of automatic printing) internet connection fax service for the dispatch of documents by […]