Successful migration despite rarely used initial Front Arena release 0

The Eurohypo, today Commerzbank, had used Front Arena 2.0 for more than ten years and had been supported by Q-fin since 2006. The Front Arena release
2.0 involved a lot more challenges than installations of the releases 2.1 or 2.2.
Considering this background, we are pleased that the migration to Front Arena 2013.1 was conducted successfully. Our staff migrated several interfaces, supported the bank extensively with tests and were responsible for the roll-out as well as for the technical migration.

As a result we’d like to congratulate Sungard for continuously improving the quality of their trading system. Since the publication of the release 4.3 in 2003, we are observing a high stability of the system, a considerable expandability as well as a steady performance optimization.

We thank the Commerzbank for a pleasant collaboration and their confidence in us until now and during further projects.