Student institute for technology and applied informatics e.V.: SITI e.V.


SITI e.V. strives for the promotion of interested and talented students from rual areas in order to introduce technical professions to them at an early stage.


  • To lay good foundations for students interested in technology and informatics for a technical vocational training or degree course
  • To give students from rural areas the opportunity to get the same education and educational offers as people in big industrial locations
  • Public relations and information on promotion of young people for professions and fields of study (which are used in a forward looking way within the economy)


  • Formel Future is a competition for students from 11-18 years
  • Students learn the handling with modern software tools while developing, optimising and producing their racing car
  • Learn to be successful as a team and market your ideas
  • Take part in regional, national and international competitions, the winning team is not the one with the fastest racing car but the with the best technical, external and team presentation
  • Formel Future consists of 3 to 6 members including a team leader, constructor, calculation specialist, production specialist and a graphic designer
  • Racing cars are developed with the modern CAD software, are driven by carbon dioxide and the design is optimized in a virtual or real wind canal
  • Racing cars are produced with the help of a modern CNC miller
  • Racing distance is 20 m

In the end of 2004 the Q-fin GmbH Magdeburg had the idea to design a computer game on the occasion of the celebrations of 1200 years of Magdeburg. It should be nonviolent, entertaining, educating and informative and arouse interest in the history of Magdeburg.

Together with the student institute Havelberg and students of BBS III who completed an internship at Q-fin, modalities of a competition for story tellers, character developers and programmers were formulated.
The Team “Spiel 1200”, who was collecting ideas and suggestions, examined, further developed and finally produced the multimedia cd,was founded. The team consisted of the Q-fin GmbH Magdeburg, the student institute Havelberg, students from the high school in Havelberg and some students of Magdeburg.

A multimedia cd was made which was presented on 3rd October 2005. In the trailer Magdeburg is promoted in picture and sound and increases the people’s curiosity for Magdeburg. It offers entertainment, information and education, arouses interest in the city’s history and people.
The jigsaw-friend is able to put together 12 pictures of the 12 centuries and assign these jigsaws to a timeline.

Easily playing the handling with mouse and keyboard is practiced and insights into the history of the city are gained. Interested people get access to the Cathedral of Magdeburg in the practice level with the piece Thomas looking interactively for the time slice and discover the Magdeburg of the 9th century. Thereby Thomas is requested to help and support and finally reaches the destination. He discovered Magdeburg. Within the city he looks for and finds the time slice.

The song for Magdeburg which was also announced as the anthem of Magdeburg in the beginning of the year, accompanies the action and may wins some more friends with the help of this multimedia cd.

Documentation Magdeburg 1200