Through the cooperation of a project with the African Business Information Bank we became attentive to the organisation BIMEHC (Babungo Integrated Mental Health Care). BIMEHC has been developed in the North Western part of Cameroon as an institution focusing on health care, especially for people with psychological burden.

BIMEHC is located in Babungo, a village within the North Western region of Cameroon, an area with a population of about 20,000 people. Surrounded by mountains, it is situated within a stunning landscape at the road from Barmenda to Kumbo.
This centre offers apart from first aid also help for psychiatrical patients and their families as well as for women and children who are infected by HIV/Aids.
Traditional and modern methods of treatment are combined which is unique in Cameroon. The founder, Pa Tumenta Matthias Wamba, has begun to treat his first patients in the beginning of the 60s.
Within the last ten years, BIMEHC has become a centre for:

  • ­Psychological health
  • Basic medical care
  • Herbal medicinal products
  • Education
  • Eco-tourism
  • Projects creating income

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Many women and their children live in poverty in Babungo without income and prospect of improvement. The Babungo-Foundation was founded in 2008 in order to support the local population with small projects. For example women are supported with micro credits with which they can found their own small company and thus be able to secure basic needs of their family.
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The founder of BIMEHC, Pa Tumenta Matthias Wambo, began the treatments of his patients with herbal medicine. He shared his knowledge and passed it to his successors. His successful treatment was his advertisement and attracted patients from all over Cameroon and from abroad to his “Traditional Home”. Workshops were organized in collaboration with the partner company ANAMED, including strong support of Prof. Lantum.
traditional medicines

BIMEHC can offer appropriate basic medical care at its command:

  • Consultation room for ambulantory and inpatient treatment
  • Laboratory
  • Pharmacy
  • Office
  • Waiting room
  • Treatment room
  • Common room

Apart from the basic provision, a HIV/Aids programme for health education – for mother and child is offered (test, consultancy, precaution), as well as a inoculation programme and education on the right nutrition and development stages of children.
primary health

Cameroon is also called “small Africa” and offers something for everyone: Black and white sandy beaches, tropical rainforests, savannahs, highland areas and national parks with wild animals. While war and tensions are prevailing the bordering countries, you experience Cameroon as the „island of peace“.
In 2003 the house was built at the foot of the waterfall Forg Hai and has hosted a lot of international volunteers, visitors and friends of the Dutch embassy. With the help of solar panals electricity is delivered and two impressive water projects has provided enough clean water for the dry period.
Travelling in Cameroon is a rewarding challenge. The Cameroonian hospitality and their rich cultural heritage are worth a visit.

With the help of the Babungo-Foundation and in cooperation with Net4Kids first summer camps could be organised. In a two weeks stay, it is enabled that disadvantaged children can deepen their school achievements and to coordinate them with many other activities like art, music and sport.
Additionally, trips, for many children the first one in their life, a health check and balanced food should provide the children of social disadvantaged families with the opportunity to escape from their daily routine and have a better chance of education.

General Manager: T. John Tumenta

Email: or

q Telephone:
+237 7983 4047
+237 9832 8062
+237 3316 5764

The aim of BIMEHC is it, among others, to combine traditional and modern health care and to help disadvantaged people.
The health care should be improved so that all inhabitants of the region get access to basic health care and social facilities.
With the foundation of the “Babungo Foundation” the children of the region should get a chance of education and a future.
Eco-tourism could form a future source of income for the people in this region.


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