Saxony Anhalt inspires people with a lot of confidence 0

Saxony Anhalt took part in the biggest IT-fair in the world.32 exhibitors of our state went to the “CeBIT” in Hanover. All of them cover well-filled books of commissions.

One of the most significant German IT-contractors, the “GISA GmbH” from Halle, went to Hanover with exclusively positive news.


The GISA did not feel much of the economic instability with regards to the “Euro debt crisis”, said Drescher. This might be associated with the sectors in which the company operates because these ones produce continuous demand. That is why they could optimistically look ahead.

This declaration is also valid for the “Q-fin GmbH” which is situated in Magdeburg. The company, consisting of 35 employees, develops and sells among others financial software for communal pension funds. With programmes, in which rates of rating agencies are for special investment products implemented, clients of “Q-fin” get a risk evaluation system I order to examine their investment strategy. Pension funds from Saxony Anhalt, Saarland, Kassel and Wiesbaden make recourse from their portfolio management system.

This specialized software is also used at banks in Frankfurt and Munich where employees of Q-fin are in charge of changes of programme versions on-site. Q-fin founded a developer community with the pension funds with which a risk management system is developing at the moment.


CEO Sandra Fischer speaks about a good order position of the company, whose premises are in close vicinity to the University “Otto-von-Guericke Universität Magdeburg” for a reason. Students often get the opportunity to do an internship at Q-fin just across the street. And the company is able to secure junior staff in times of skilled worker shortage.

„We are designed for growth“, Sandra Fischer looks confidently ahead. A lot of project contracts are signed, sealed and delivered for the current year.


Source: Volksstimme