Q-con became a member of the “Afrikaverein der Deutschen Wirtschaft” 0

We have supported humanitarian projects in Africa for years. This week our company became a member of the “Afrikaverein der Deutschen Wirtschaft” (www.afrikaverein.de) in order to work actively with our own services in Africa.

The African financial sector is severely underdevelopend compared with the rest of the world. Exactly this is an opportunity for smaller companies within the financial sector like “Q-fin”, said Peter von Pokrzywnicki, chairman of the supervisory board of Q-fin: “Large software solutions like SAP or FRONZ ARENA are unaffordable for banks in Africa and difficult to manage due to the complexity in maintenance and operation. It is necessary to find cheaper solutions which are adapted to the individual needs.” This is the strength of “Q-fin GmbH” that has developed specialized softwares for local pension funds which is successfully used in four of the 16 states in Germany.

The membership in the “Afrikaverein” is a further step towards a globalised world.
The “Afrikaverein” has worked to improve the economic relationship between Germany and Africa. In its Hanseatic tradition, it is the national foreign trade union of German companies and institutions with economic interest in states of the African continent.

The union gives information about countries and markets in Africa, make contacts and represents the interests of its members in Germany and abroad. An extensive offer of services is available at any any time for the over 650 members.