Rule Generator


The Rule Generator is a tool to analyse regression tests in FRONT ARENA. The earlier manual analysis of test results will be replaced by an automatic process. Evaluations will be available after the comparison run and the rules and attributes, which are responsible for the deviations, will be illustrated in the Rule Generator.

The manual analysis will be supported by an automatic process and lead to further time savings.

Test cases which were configured once can be executed again and again, because they are stored within the system.

During the manual analysis only one or a few columns can be considered simultaneously. With the help of the Rule Generator all columns can be analysed simultaneously.

The tool simultaneously outputs the degree of correctness of the rules (in percent), so that a fast selection of relevant rules is possible by the user.

It is easy to use it during daily regression tests due to the possibility to respond to the tool via batch. Developments and adaptions will be examined on a daily basis.


System requirements

Javascript, Browser