QM-online & Q-timesheet

QM online/

Companies nowadays are under pressure to maintain and extend their performance due to international competition, increasing customer requirements, fast technological changes, increasing rivalry and increasing complexity of the own company. The web application QM-Online and Q-timesheet will help you to carry out and manage tasks concerning quality management. QM-Online supports interactively the administration of all information on quality management and its changes.

The application QM-Online supports the recording of customer satisfaction reports, delivery evaluations, process figures and quality aims. Documents which were created in this context can be stored historicised and displayed.

Company-wide problems can be entered with solutions and responsibilities in the action plan. All kinds of training can be gathered, displayed and evaluated in the training plan. Training desires can be mentioned by employees or determined by the management.

In this area appointments and notifications can be created by every user. Every user will be informed when changing something in risk management thus no information will get lost.

The project overview shows all active projects and partial projects. Information on project leasers, -employees, -appointments, -histories and state can be entered in there. Project specific customer satisfaction reports will be displayed on the concerning project page.

Q-timesheet is used to enter cost centre-dependent working hours, business trips and expenses as well as for the release administration by project manager or managing director. With the help of Q-timesheet, employees can plan and apply for vacation.