Q risk/

Q-risk is an application to manage risks internally as well as externally. It is suitable for pension providers, small and medium-sized investors, as well as fund traders for the risk management department. In correlation with our portfolio management system Q-bonds, it forms a solid basis and simultaneously an active connection between the departments’ capital investment management and risk controlling.

Risks and risk groups are analysed depending on investors and a fixed date. With the help of Q-risk, you are able to create audit-proof risk reports and analyses which you can individually and flexibly administer. These reports are the basis for future audit requirements of BaFin.

Risks which are presented and analysed in Q-risk, include among others market-, price-, credit-, liquidity- and structural risks. Several risk categories are measured and analysed separately in accordance with investor or the whole company. It is possible to execute target/actual comparisons, risk budget as well as risk bearing analyses.

The execution of stress test scenarios, target/actual calculations and risk bearing analyses enable simulations about future risk situations and thus form a solid basis for risk planning.

Q-risk provides has a flexible limit supervision system at its command with which you are able to evaluate the presented risks. When exceeding certain risk values, the limit supervision function helps you to react efficiently and fix its cause.

Our team supports you with specific as well as program and infrastructure related questions. Next to our availability by telephone, mobile phone or e-mail, we help you on-site or with the help of a remote connection. Thanks to the Q-risk ticket system, you may send us development suggestions, requests or requirements. Developments are either implemented by the annual releases or by one of the regular updates.


System requirements

Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft Access