Q profiler/– Finding the most suitable person for your project –

The application Q-profiler serves for project mediation. Experience profiles of employees may be entered individually in the editor-mode and displayed in the profile-mode. With the help of a search functionality, specific profession, IT and language knowledge can be chosen and the respective suitable person is presented.

The administration of profile information is easily and individually made in the editor-mode. Data can be either entered individually by every employee or only centrally by one responsible person, as required. With selection windows and entry guide, entries may be added, edited, duplicated and eliminated.

With the help of Q-profiler you find the ideal person for your desired project. By means of the search mask, internal as well as external employees may be found based on different search criteria. These search criteria can be weighted as required. An integrated rating system enables a comparison of potential project members which is presented graphically and in a table.
Apart from searching according to certain criteria, the text search facility can be used to find the suitable employee.

Employee profiles can be displayed and printed in a short or long version. The short profile presents languages, sectors, qualifications, IT focusses, specific and relevant experience in clear bullet points. In the long profile, these experiences are explained in more detail. The employee also has the possibility to compose a summary about his previous experiences and education.

In the administration mode the list of sectors may be expanded, edited and eliminated. Renaming, summarizing and eliminating of ability entries as well as the creation of all word profiles is possible in the maintenance mode.

Long profiles can be exported to Word and eventually adapted there as well. The profiles include standardised layout templates with your individual company logo. Furthermore the application sends reminder e-mails to employees who haven’t updated their profile for three months (time frame is individually adapted).