Q diff/

Q-diff offers the opportunity to automatically execute queries in two different FRONT ARENA environments and to compare them. The comparison can be executed on several computers simultaneously, that means that the necessary computational power can be distributed on multiple computers which leads to significant advantages in terms of speed, especially when executing a large amount of queries. Q-diff is the ideal programme to automate tests in connection with Q-fin’s Rule Generator, especially when using Front Arena.

  • Central test configuration
  • Individual tolerance value definition per test object/attribute
  • Connection with reporting frameworks of for example FRONT ARENA

  • Server/ client architecture
  • Open integration to Microsoft Framework
  • Scaling by intrinsic parallelisation

  • Performance and runtime analyses
  • Transparent discrepancy reports including tolerance allowance
  • Filing of configurations and results

  • Network drive
  • Master and client computer
  • MS Excel
  • Eventually API of the application software which should be tested
  • Consolidated test object inventory
  • Initial test parameterisation