Q bonds/

Q-bonds supports the applicant with the administration of bonds, funds, certificates, time deposits, structural products and real estates. The software is the best choice for pension providers, small and medium-sized investors, as well as fund managers and traders and meets the requirements of auditors, investment managers and BaFin.

Apart from administration possibilities of day-to-day operations and liquidity management, you may populate data concerning issuer, group, instrument etc. Transactions like purchases, sales, profits and losses are recorded with the help of the form “Purchases/Sales” and evaluated in different analyses.

Q-bonds is developed in collaboration with all our clients of Germany within a scope of a development community. In workshops and conferences, common ideas are created and implemented for all clients. Nevertheless, individual customer requirements can be implemented thanks to the user configuration.

Master data may be exchanged in a programme controlled way and synchronized among the users, so that for example issuer information do not have to be populated by each client individually.

In collaboration with SIX Telekurs daily prices are imported to Q-bonds via the Intraday Pricing Service which influence numerous analyses. This service offers prompt and consistent security prices from more than 850 sources for the portfolio movement. Price types like trade price, bid and ask price, intraday-highs and lows as well as fair value prices can be always requested.

Q-bonds offers more than 60 standard analyses depending on chosen investors and fixed dates, among others asset allocation, maturity structure and total stock. Apart from these standard reports it is possible to compile reports flexibly in the dynamic analysis without a huge administration effort and generate them in Excel.

Our team supports you with specific as well as program and infrastructure related questions. Next to our availability by telephone, mobile phone or e-mail, we help you on-site or with the help of a remote connection. Thanks to the Q-risk ticket system, you may send us development suggestions, requests or requirements. Developments are either implemented by the annual releases or by one of the regular updates.

Thanks to different access rights Q-bonds guarantees data security. On the modification protocol all modifications are stored including information on date, old and new value and the user who executed the modification. Furthermore your data will be secured with a daily back up.

Q-bonds meets the requirements of auditors, investor managers and the BaFin.

Q-bonds offers simulations of possible stress test scenarios. Liquidities may be planned by the administration of overnight funds.

Risk groups may be analysed with the help of our software extension Q-risk.


System requirements

Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft Access