Participation in the 4th company relay race 0

On 19th July 2012, Q-fin GmbH participated with five runners in the 4th company relay race around the lake „Adolf-Mittag See“. This year the team was newly mixed and Robert Schönfeld competed as the first runner. After a short wrangling at the place of handover, he found Tobias Pilgermann who ran as the second competitor of Q-fin. The pass of the baton on to our third runner Thomas Klein went without any problems and our amateur baseball player ran to the next homerun. Markus Jüttner was on position four and crossed the finish line with the second best result of our team. The last year’s and this year’s captain of the team, Sebastian Neumann, took the baton with the best time of the Q-fin team around the lake „Adolf-Mittag See“.
Among 3,500 participants out of more than 400 companies, our participants did fine and successfully absolved the run through the park „Stadtpark“. Of course they got a lot of support from our own ranks.