Participation in the 3rd “Magdeburger Firmenstaffellauf” 0

On 7th of July 2011 the slogan in the “Rothehornpark” in Magdeburg was: run, run, run.
The 3rd “Magdeburger Firmenstaffel” took place again with five runners of Q-fin. Punctually at 7 pm and with a lot of sun, the run started for the Q-fin team. Nils Mehner was the first runner who delivered the baton after a good performance to Robert Schönfeld. The other runners Sebastian Neumann (captain) and Markus Jüttner reached the finish line with a good performance after the 2.5 km. Benjamin Espe, the last runner of the team, then ensured the finish time of 59:45. Thus, the team remained under their target mark of an hour. With this result, the team of Q-fin could reach the 65th place among 157 teams in the men relay race. Overall 320 teams with 1600 participants raced against each other on Thursday. firmenstaffellauf2011