Migration FRONT ARENA 4.3 to 2010.2 0

Last weekend, Q-fin successfully executed the migration of FRONT ARENA 4.3 Releases to the Releases 2010.2 at “COREALCREDIT BANK AG”.
Thanks to the experience of our employees from a previous migrations from FRONT ARENA 2.1 to the version 4.3 in June 20009, the close time frame of eight weeks of project duration could be complied by the usage of the release change tools Q-archive, Q-diff and Q-analyser. The experience and the received knowledge from a migrationof another customer, from FRONT ARENA 2010.2 to FRONT ARENA 2011.1, which ran parallel was additionally significant.

The success of the project is not at least ascribed to the excellent long-term collaboration with “COREAL CREDIT BANK AG” and was significantly shaped by a close dialogue between the departments and IT.