Method of innovation of the DAX groups is used in the small firm sector as well 0

Word Ball - InnovationQ-fin uses a new method of innovation from now on in order to develop its products in the upcoming five years. A professional innovation team led by the famous book author, trend researcher and innovation coach Sven Gábor Jánszky who usually leads innovation processes for large groups in Germany, will be in the company for four months and develop future strategies together with Bernd Thiem and his team.

Therefore firstly specific trends of the sector of the creative economy are analysed and the emerging risks and opportunities are searched. Based on this, future products and strategies will be designed with special methods of creativity.

“Especially for small companies in the operating everyday business it is often difficult to analyse and evaluate current trends and to implement those in new business concepts. Large groups have long since own future departments which daily invest in their future by using professional innovation management processes and the help of external innovation experts. But in small companies time and money is lacking in most cases”, explains project manager Sven Gábor Jánszky.

With the help of a fostered project by a European social fund and the Ministry for Economy and Labour of the state Saxony Anhalt, the knowledge of major corporations will be made usable for small businesses of the creative economy in Saxony Anhalt. Therefore the innovation team of “MDKK” in Magdeburg will not only visit Q-fin but also 19 other small businesses in Saxony Anhalt.

Even if the series of workshops is over, the innovation management will keep on going because one employee of Q-fin will be educated as an innovation manager. He or she should repeat and lead professional innovation processes autonomously in the future.

Q-fin is a service constructor in the sector of financial software and offers services to its clients beginning with software development and IT consulting and ending with a complete project management process. Banks like “DekaBank”, “NRW.Bank”, “HSBC”, “pbb Pfandbriefbank”, “COREAL CREDIT BANK AG”, “Commerzbank/Eurohypo”, “DZ-Bank” are counted among their clients just as companies like “Kommunale Versorgungsbank Sachsen Anhalt”, “Ruhegehalts- und Zusatzversorgungskasse des Saarlandes”, “Kommunale Zusatzversorgungskkasse Mecklenburg-Vorpommern” and “Kommunales Dienstleistungs-zentrum Wiesbaden”.