Increase in level of awareness and market presence: The IHK Magdeburg is launching an IT initiative 0

Q-fin is part of the IT companies which have converged within the IHK information technology initiative. By regular task forces the capability of particular companies should be improved and the market of IT specialists should be strengthened. Further tasks and objectives are promotion of young people and apprenticeships, exchange of experiences and contemplation of members, construction of a competence centre and fostering of the perception of members’ competences. By consequent location marketing this initiative should become the barometer of the IT sector in Saxony Anhalt. Mr. Volker Fett of “Computer und Schulungscenter Images GmbH“ was elected as chairman of the advisory board.

Mr. Peter von Pokrzywnicki of Q-fin GmbH, who was elected as a member of the advisory board, too, considers the concentration on Front Arena (with customers outside of Saxony Anhalt) as well as the connection of the region Magdeburg as an important objective for our company.


Source: “Wirtschaftsspiegel – Das Wirtschaftsmagazin für Sachsen-Anhalt 06/2010”