User support reference project


Our support services include apart from an extensive cause analysis, an incident management, parameterisation, customizing and developments, user management and authorisation, supervision of day end- and month end processings, clean up and housekeeping as well as the communication with the departments. Key performance indicators for us are customer satisfaction, response time, resolution time, operability and the amount of incidents.


Investment bank

Project description

  • First Level Support
  • Analysis of error notifications
  • Communication with departments
  • User management

  • Extensive portfolio of financial products
  • Exotically structured products
  • Performance optimisation
  • Parallel request processing

  • Monitoring of Front Arena
  • Bug fixing in AEL modules & ASQL queries
  • Forwarding of information to Front Arena users
  • Help Desk
  • Forwarding to Second Level Support

  • Higher application acceptance of applicants of the departments
  • Exact compliance of the project budget
  • Smooth operation of Front Arena


Investment bank

Project description

  • First-, Second-, Third Level Support Front Arena
  • Support in consideration of interface problems (either functional or technical) and drafting of new reports

  • Interface- und day-end processing supervision
  • Coordination of queries of 250 Front End applicants of the departments Front-, Middle- and Back Office as well as Risk Controlling and Accounting

  • Record and gathering of fault messages and of technical and functional requirements
  • Communication, escalation and intervention
  • Analysis, management and implementation of requirements and incidents
  • Performance and maturity optimisation
  • Further development

  • Cost reduction and cost control by the operating model
  • Discharge of internal employees in daily business
  • Expansion of the support to further applications


Investment bank

Project description

  • Quality assurance of module adaptations in the scope of the Arena extension framework (AEF)
  • Second & Third Level Support Front Arena 4.3 as well as 2010.2

  • Analysis and adaptation of interfaces from and to Front Arena among others the prolongation and termination of Margin Calls including redirections to SAP

  • Record, gathering and processing of reported incidents
  • Support with production releases
  • Escalation and intervention
  • Problem analyses
  • Support with rollout processes in consideration of the Front Arena filing and versioning tool Q-archive
  • Performance analysis and optimisation

  • Supervision of applicants of risk controlling in terms of queries of the market data environment