Fachliche Kompetenzen der Q-fin GmbH

During 12 years of migration experience, the staff of Q-fin GmbH could expand and consolidate their knowledge extensively, among other with the help of the Capital Markets Academy and Front University.
In order to secure our performance quality of our consulting services, our projects are planned and managed according to the German V-Model and Scrum. Individual solution concepts will be created practice-oriented to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers.

Trading & portfolio management systems
Capital & capital market products, trading, treasury, middle office, certificates, settlement, risk controlling, new products, process conception & -implementation, limit- & collateral management, CCP, trade repository (Redis TR, DTCC), market data, project management, test management, rollout- and migrations, interim management
Front Arena
Trading, treasury, middle office, back office, risk controlling, new products, trade repository
Components/ Front Arena standards
ACM, AEL, ADFL, ASQL, Reporting, ADM, ADS, AMS, AMB, AMBA, XMBA, ATS, Prime, Omni, Subledger, Trading Manager, Operations Manager, Soft broker
Training/ Workshops
Front Arena, Scrum, quality management

Trading & portfolio management systems
Application support on & off-site, data and product migration, migration, operation, installation & maintenance, development, customizing, migrations, performance analyses & -optimisation, interface design
Front Arena
Application support on & off-site, data & product migration, migration, operation, administration & maintenance, development, customizing, regression tests, performance analyses & -optimisation, interface design
Data bases
MS SQL, MS Access, My SQL, Oracle, SQLite, SQL, Sybase
Operating systems
Linux, Mac OS, Mac OS X, Solaris, Windows, Windows Server
Packages/ tools
Citrix, in-Step, Typo3, Eclipse, XML, MS Visual Studio, MS Office
Programming languages
C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, Shell, VBA, Assembler, Delphi