Q-risk 2.0 0

In May 2013 our risk management system Q-risk 2.0 was successfully implemented for our customers of local pension providers. In close collaboration with our partners, new reports like “Concentration Risks Spread”, “Modified Duration” and “Issuer Overview” were created. Another focus of the last development period was the optimisation of already […]

Rule Generation for Migrations of Front Arena 0

In cooperation with the university “Otto von Guericke Universität Magdeburg”, we are currently developing a tool to support migrations in Front Arena. The Rule Generator supports manual analyses of test results by automatic rule creations with the help of attributes which are generated out of Front Arena. The automatic support […]

Q-profiler 0

Q-fin’s software solution Q-profiler was developed in order to facilitate recruiting processes for the whole company and the maintenance of experience profiles of our staff as well as external partners. The aim of this development was to support the process of staff search for fast reactions on enquiries and the […]

AfricanBIB 0

The development of the website for the African Business Information Bank was finished and companies in Cameroon are able to register for the service. Cameroon would like to create better general conditions for their economy in order to improve the investment climate and attract more foreign direct investments. At the […]

Initiation of Q-risk 1.0 0

In April and May 2012 our risk management system Q-risk was successfully implemented at five municipal pension funds. The system measuring different risks, which is closely related to Q-bonds, was developed in a close collaboration with our partners. It is an application for the internal and external risk management that […]