AfricanBIB 0

The development of the website for the African Business Information Bank was finished and companies in Cameroon are able to register for the service.

Cameroon would like to create better general conditions for their economy in order to improve the investment climate and attract more foreign direct investments. At the moment reliable information about the economic condition, legal frameworks and possible projects and business partners are not available for a lot of potential investors. Generally, there is a lack of institutions which are able to provide foreign investors with reliable and up-to-date information like in a lot of other African countries. Additionally a lot of local companies act in the informal sector which further limits the situation concerning information provision and complicates the cooperation with foreign companies.

On the one hand, in order to provide foreign companies with information on the Cameroonian market and on the other hand to enable local companies to get access to foreign investors and markets, institutions are required which are able to deliver information surpassing economic data about the societal and social environment of an investment- or project plan.